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Southbound 17 is a group of musicians formed about 3 years ago dedicated to playing great country music that people of all ages can enjoy. We love what we do and are always excited to play for new audiences.

Our Background


We all come from a variety of musical backgrounds but with many years of playing experience coming together to form the band we are today.  Chuck has sung in country and rock bands, and is well versed in both genres. Jack has spent most of his time playing country but can rip off rock licks with the best of them along with the hot country licks in so much of our music.  Mike has played in all types of bands and has been a well known go-to bass player around the Hampton Roads area for years. Mark is one of the best drummers you will find on stage, although he spent much of his career in classic rock he has completely adapted to the roll of a country drummer. Jeff spent over twenty years in southern gospel before playing country. While that may seem surprising, musically there is allot in common between these styles which provided a good foundation for what we play today.

Our Music


Southbound 17 is known for playing a wide variety country songs across multiple decades. While much of the music we play comes from the 80's and 90's, but we also play many songs well before or beyond that time period. Our philosophy is a "Good song performed well" will be well received by audiences of all ages regardless of the decade it was written. People who attend our shows will hear Cash, Bryant, Tritt, Midland, Combs, Strait, Haggard, Yokam and everything in between.

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